Inclusive universities for people with intellectual disabilities

Until now, people with intellectual disabilities have been practically absent from universities, depriving both them and regular students from valuable learning opportunities. The ICLife project aims to address this problem and help make universities more inclusive.
In the framework of the project, a concept to foster the inclusion of young adults with intellectual disabilities at universities is being developed and deployed at four universities in Europe.
People with intellectual disabilities will be able to take courses according to their interests, and will also be involved in teaching activities as “experts on their own lives” (for example, teaching students studying social work).
Training materials on “How to make your campus more inclusive” will be made available online and disseminated throughout Europe. 


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Project website

Implementation Period  2016 – 2019 
Financed by  European Commission (Erasmus+ project) 
Project Coordinator  Thomas More 
Project partners  Hogeschool Utrecht
Inclusion Europe
Lapin AMK
Palacký University Olomouc 

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The project is continued by extending the scope of the research to more women in different European countries.