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The European Platform of Self-Advocates

The European Platform of Self-Advocates (for short, EPSA)
is made up of groups of self-advocates
from different countries in Europe.

EPSA has spoken for self-advocacy organisations
in Europe since the year 2000.

EPSA meets at least once every year.

Every 2 years, EPSA holds a General Meeting.
At this meeting, all members come together
and decide on important issues.

For example, they agree on a work plan
or elect members of the Steering Group.

The Steering Group is a group of self-advocates
that lead EPSA.

They meet several times a year.

These are the members of the EPSA Steering Group:

Senada Halilčević

from the Association of Self-Advocacy (in short, ASA), Croatia
Senada is the Chair of EPSA and Vice-President of Inclusion Europe.

László Bercse

from ÉFOÉSZ, Hungary

Elisabeta Moldovan

from Ceva de spus, Romania

Harry Roche

from Mencap, United Kingdom

Andreas Zehetner

from Lebenshilfe Österreich, Austria