Able to include

Making digital inclusion possible

How can digital inclusion become a reality? There are many technological tools focused on the inclusion of people with disabilities in general, but most of them are not accessible to people with intellectual disabilities. This excludes them from today‘s information society. 

The “Able to Include” project addressed this issue: The project developed assistive technology to support people with intellectual disabilities in using social media. 

More information about the Able to Include project can be found on the dedicated website.

Implementation Period  2014 – 2017 
Financed by  European Commission – under the “Competitive and innovation framework programme 
Project Coordinator  KU Leuven 
Project Partners  Building Bridges Training
Fundación Prodis
Inclusion Europe
Teamnet International
Thomas More
Universitat Pompeu Fabra 

Several services were developed in the context of the project: 

–          an accessibility layer which is open-source and can be used by developers everywhere 

–          a text-to-pictogram translator 

–          a text simplifier 

–          a text-to-speech programme 

–          a social network app 

–          the PictoChat mobility app 

–          Kolumba, an easy-to-use e-mail web client