The 10 things we want to see happening in the near future

#30yearsofInclusion – Inclusion Europe turns 30 in 2018!

We celebrated with you at our anniversary event, by portraying our Inclusion Heroes, and we also want to share our TOP 3 with you:

Below is part 3 of our series:

Our themes for the next years


The 10 things we want to see happening in Europe in the near future:
  1. Everyone with an intellectual disability has their legal capacity recognised, and has the right to vote.
  2. Institutions are gone. People live independently and get support in the community.
  3. Every child can get an inclusive education at a mainstream school.
  4. Websites, ticketing machines, information from public authorities and companies …: Everything is accessible and easy-to-understand.
  5. People with intellectual disabilities are in paid work and receive fair pay.
  6. People with intellectual disabilities can easily get the healthcare they need. Their specific situation is taken into account by hospital staff.
  7. Women with intellectual disabilities are no longer discriminated against. They can live without the fear of abuse.
  8. Parents with intellectual disabilities get the assistance they need so they can raise their children.
  9. People with complex support needs are no longer seen as a “special case”, as people that cannot be included: They are part of society.
  10. Family members of people with intellectual disabilities get the right support: financially, emotionally and through support persons, so they can be just that: family members.