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The 10 things we want to see happening soon in Europe 

We at Inclusion Europe
want to work on many things
in the next years 

We want the things on this list
to happen: 

  1. Every person with intellectual disabilities
    has full legal capacity
    and can enjoy their right to vote. 
  2. Every institution is finally closed.
    Every person with intellectual disabilities
    can live independently
    and be part of the community. 
  3. Every child with intellectual disabilities
    can go to the same school
    as other children
    and get an inclusive education. 
  4. The things that we use every day
    are accessible.
    Information is easy to understand. 
  5. People with intellectual disabilities
    have a job which pays well. 
  6. People with intellectual disabilities
    can see doctors
    who listen to them
    and take them seriously. 
  7. Women with intellectual disabilities
    can feel safe.
    They do not need to be afraid of abuse. 
  8. Parents with intellectual disabilities
    get the support they need
    so they can have children. 
  9. People with complex support needs
    are not seen as different.
    They are included in the community. 
  10. When you have a child
    who has an intellectual disability
    you can get the support you need:
    money and people who help you
    care for your child.