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There’s no inclusion without accessibility!

We want texts, services and events that are easy-to-read and to understand 

Imagine you’re reading a text, and you can’t understand it. 

Imagine you want to buy tickets at a machine, but you can’t figure out how. 

Imagine you’re taking part in an event, and you can’t follow it. 

Accessible information in any shape or form is key for people with intellectual disabilities to take part in society. It is a cornerstone for combatting discrimination and social exclusion. 

Inclusion Europe has been a pioneer for the promotion of accessible information:  

  • We have developed guidelines on how to write easy-to-read texts. The easy-to-read logo, which was launched by Inclusion Europe, is given to publications that respect these rules, and have been proofread by people with intellectual disabilities. 
  • We have developed rules for organisers of accessible events (also available in easy-to-read), and recommendations for speakers. 
  • We advocate for the use of easy-to-read and accessibility at European events.