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European Solidarity Corps

Solidarity means helping other people.

Especially people you don’t know.

Many young people want to help other people.

The European Solidarity Corps tells them
where they can go to help.

For example, they can help children.
Or they can help people
who are new in a country.

On the website of the European Solidarity Corps
the young people can find out
where their help is needed.

They can help for free or also get money.

They can do it alone or with other young people.

Taking part in the European Solidarity Corps
is good for young people looking for a job.

They can get work experience.
This helps them
when they are applying for a job.

The European Solidarity Corps also helps organisations
looking for volunteers or for new staff.

They can use the website to find out
about young people interested in their work.

The European Solidarity Corps is a project
of the European Union.